01 March 2007

Welcome to the World!

Our son Sebastian Raymond was born last Wednesday, 21 February 2007 at 11:02am weighing in at 7 lbs. 2 oz. and18 1/2" long. So far he's been a healthy, contented baby who doesn't cry much and loves to snuggle. I've nicknamed him my "Snuggle Bug".

We started the day by dropping the kidlet off at our friends' Jodi & Ray's house (they live 1/2 a block from her school) before heading down to the hospital. That's the thing with a scheduled C-section, there is none of the mad rush to the hospital, the contractions during the drive that seems so long. Once checked in we were ushered to the room, changed into the lovely hospital gown, IV injected and then left to wait. My doctor was already in another surgery, so my C-section would be delayed. I took the time to nap while the hubby read. But soon enough the nurse came to walk me to the OR and the nerves set in. I couldn't help but realizing that in nearly moments they would be cutting me open and I shook with nervous fear all through the insertion of the spinal block. I was grateful it took effect immediately, though let me tell ya its rather disturbing to mentally tell your body "wiggle toes" and for nothing to happen. As the nurses & doctor all arrived I simply kept thinking about my parents (whom I desperately wish could share in this exciting time), my daughter, my husband and the new bundle o' joy we were about to meet.

Paul was brought into the room, held my hand, and I could feel the doctor tugging at my lower half. I am surprised at just how fast it all was, because quickly I heard them say "Here he is!" and could see Paul watching everything over the sterile curtain with baited breath. Then I heard the sweetest, low pitched cry and felt a tear fall down my cheek. I could hear the nurses counting out fingers & toes. I asked "Does he have ten of each? All where they belong?" Paul smiled & nodded and they called him over to see our new son. "He's definately Polish" Paul laughed (refering to the enlarged size of his boy bits!) I lay on the table, sighing in relief when I heard a nurse say his APGAR was 9. Then a nurse said "Want to meet your son?" I looked up into the sweet face and was surprised at how fair he was. My daughter had been born with a very full head of black hairs. Sebastian is fair with wispy light brown hairs. And then I kissed him.

You know that "Love at first sight" thing? Yeah...I don't know about romantic love, but that is oh so true of the love you are hit with when you first see your own child. I was hooked forever.

Recovery was in my room...fairly uneventful except for not even being able to keep ice chips down and uber-swollen feet & legs thanks to the anethesia. I only spent two full days in the hospital and hubby was able to stay both nights. Our friends brought Big Sis to the hospital immediately after school, who presented her new baby brother with an adorable big balloon. She cried while holding her baby brother and kept telling him how cute he is and how much she loves him. I was filled with pride and hope for the future watching her hold him and kiss him. (She likes to call him "kiwi head" since his head and hairs are so soft & fuzzy...you can see her cuddling with him here.)

Hubby's parents, the oh-s0-proud new grandparents arrived, along with Auntie/Godmother Andrea. They are wonderfully excited to have a grandbaby and I can tell the spoiling is about to begin. I'm glad he, like Kaitlyn, will have wonderful doting grandparents. Then Godfather Matt arrived, who seems smitten too.

And now we're home. Successfully finding some semblence of a system, if not a routine. I had my staples removed yesterday & the diagnosis is that I'm healing well. Breastfeeding has been a frustrating, unsuccessful test of wills. But our son is doing well, as are we, and I can't wait to see what the future holds!


PatentPrincess said...

Hey Kimba!!

When I saw a comment from you I had to stop by to see if there was news about your little one. Your little Snuggle Bug Sebastian is gorgeous!! I'm glad that you're home and recovering well. Congratulations!!


Susan said...

Well...congratulations to all of you!! Sounds like you did well. Will be praying that all continues to go as smooth.

:-) Susan

ordinarygirl said...

He's so adorable and sounds so sweet. Congratulations to you and your family! My mother-in-law's birthday is Feb 21st, just two days after mine. It's a good day to be born.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Kassi said...

ADORABLE!!!! oh I so want to see you guys!


Buffalo Buffy said...

Hey girl...it's me, Angela:-)Changed blogs and not using my name anymore on mine (a long and not that interesting story, but sometimes I'll tell you).

If you want to find me here is the new one:


and here..


So now if I check on you, you will know it's me.

So so SOOOOOO thrilled to hear about Sebastian. Aren't babies just the best?

I remember when you were really wanting to have another baby, and now here you are...God is so good.

Enjoy this time, and all the best to you, Sebastian (I love that name) Daddy Paul and Big Sis Kaitlyn.

I'll be back to check in soon and feel free to come and visit me in your spare time (haha;-))

Buffy aka Angela