07 December 2006

Sugar Sugar

So I received a phone call this morning telling me I failed my glucose screening test and must now suffer the 3-hour gestational diabetes testing on Monday. This sucks. I hate failing any test, but expecially one regarding my health!

On the upside baby seem good (can you see his little face there, smiling at the camera?), growing right on target, and currently weighing in at around 2 pounds 9 ounces. Right in the 50th percentile. Why am I not surprised? This kid has been so "by the book" its hilarious. Where I had none of the "you should be feeing this at this time" with my daughter, and who continues to be a very independent individual, this boy seems to almost take pride in following all the rules. (Just like his father...go figure!) I just hope when he's a teenager he'll continue to be the same way!

Trying to get thing set for the holidays. We have a party for renaissance faire this Saturday to attend, which could be fun. Always good to see people. I wish I had some lovely holiday outfit to wear, but being as pregnant as I am, a pair of stretchy trousers and a maternity blouse is the best it gets. *sigh* I have set plans for New Year's Eve though, which is a nice thought. (a low key, international theme at a nearby friend's place...everyone must bring an ethnic dish to pass)

Hubby & kidlet are planning a massive cookie baking day on Saturday with his sister. Should be fun for them. They are also going ice skating on Friday with a group of friends. I desperately wish I could go. I even bought myself new figure skates last spring. *sigh* I guess I'll stay home and write out Christmas cards.

What are you doing to prepare for the holidays?

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Anonymous said...

hopefully installing our new floor and a toilet