15 December 2006

Bah Humbug!

So we had travel plans for this weekend. A leisurely 6+ hour drive into Michigan to visit my siblings & their families for our annual Christmas gathering. It varies as to which house it will be at, but we all get together for the day and celebrate in the typical chatty, snacky way. Then the kids open gifts, we eat dinner together, my daughter & nephew blow out birthday candles (as both of their b-days are in December) and then they get their gifts. The evening typically is filled with game playing & digging out old photos. A generally basic, and in most cases, pleasant enough day. We do this the same weekend every year.
So why then are we no longer making the trip? Because, it seems, one of my brothers has to work and apparently, as he's the oldest, that means none of us can get together. WTF? I'm furious, to say the least. It's the one time each year we all get together. It's the same freakin' weekend every year! It's utter chaos, in my opinion. My sister even offered for everyone to come to her place instead...but no, the rest of them can't seem to get it together to do that. I swear, families can be nothing but stress during the holidays. They had the nerve to suggest we all get together in January. Uh, hello...that's one month before this baby is due and I'm not travelling in God-knows-what kind of weather to another state then! And God forbid they should actually come here! (Apparently the roads only travel TO Michigan, not FROM. It's a good thing I have my special passport to get back into Wisconsin, huh?) Yeah...Happy Freakin' Holidays Family. *sigh*
So now I'll probably spend my weekend at the post office mailing gifts. Rah.

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Fin said...

they can all get bent.