01 December 2006

Snow Day!

Welcome to Winter! What a way for December to arrive! It's a glorious blanket of snowy goodness outside! We've been pounded with an official blizzard to start off the holiday season...and I, personally, am thrilled!

I love the snow...it's beautiful and untarnished in its stark whiteness. (Ok, I hate ice or slush, but snow...oh yeah!) So far we've gotten over 10 inches in the past 8 hours, and its still coming down, though I think its petering out. It's the kind of snow I remember as a kid...giant mounds of snow, heavy and wet, perfect for playing in. And yes, of course all the school are closed...is there few things better to a kid than a snow day?

The funny thing is that I also get a snow day from work...and the hubby would have too had he not ventured out earlier than his boss who called to tell him the office was closed today...after he was already there for a hour! (Ah the dedicated man...I think he'll come home at lunchtime.)

I know so many people complain about the weather, but I live in the midwest because we do like the snow...so I feel a special giddiness today and if I wasn't 7 months pregnant, I'd be out playing too! Instead, I'll just cuddle under a warm blanket with a mug of cocoa...with lots of marshmallows! Mmmm...

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