28 December 2006

The Aftermath

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas or Hanukkah or Yule. Mine was nice. Calm, which was good. Christmas Eve was spent w/the in-laws having a lovely dinner & gifts. The Day was spent opening gifts privately at home, then off to church, and then home again for a quiet, relaxing day. (Something we never do...it was great!) In the evening we again spent it with more of hubby's extended family. My gifts weren't what I expected, but still nice. I was able to get several new pieces to add to my Fontanini nativity collection, so that was a pleasant surprise. My biggest gift was definately the calm of the day.

I had my pregnancy check up too...everything is progressing calmly there. He's about 3 lb. 10oz as of yesterday and growing right on schedule. (My home computer crashed, otherwise I'd post the latest ultrasound picture...its a really awesome closeup of his little face!) Only about 9 weeks to go...I can hardly believe it! Hubby painted the nursery last night (a lovely warm yellow called "Denver Omlette"...ha!) so tonight we'll probably build the dresser & do some arranging there. Because we'll be having guests this weekend for New Year's we'll wait to put up the crib, and instead put the spare bed mattresses in there for them to have their own room to sleep in.

Nothing more to share, really. Hope the holidays are good to you!

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PatentPrincess said...

Thanks for the visit and for the thoughts and prayers :)

I'm very happy to hear that you had a relaxing Christmas and that your baby is growing nicely! I haven't had an ultrasound in quite a while so I don't know how big my boy is but every week I read my pregnancy books and think "Wow, my boy's about three pounds!" or "Wow, he must be almost 3 1/2 pounds by now!" Yes, I'm a dork.

Have a nice Thursday!