21 December 2006

Holiday of Faith

This morning I, unexpectedly, found myself getting very worked up mentally (& emotionally) after reading one of my favourite blogs, Motherhood Uncensored. Kristin has been writing about religion and the hypocracies she sees, believes, experiences with it. And I agree, there are alot of hypocrites in the world (our dear President, included, in my opinion) who hide behind their so-called morality. Her debate of the day addresses whether or not religion should be "convenient". Allow me to share the comment I posted at her blog:

"I find it utterly ridiculous to say that religion should be convenient. Of course it shouldn't be convenient! It should be about effort and some personal sacrifice. That's the problem with America these days, everyone wants what's easiest, what's most convenient to them. We're a disposable society with disposable values. No one is willing these days to make the extra efforts, be it in school, work, relationships or religion.
That said, I think most people are also confusing the difference between faith and religion. Religion is man-made, and therefore ANY religion is going to have fault. Faith is your belief in a higher power, whether you want to call that God, Alla, goddess, or banana, its about putting trust and faith into something, someone more knowledgeable and powerful than you.
But people want someone else to blame, so organized religion becomes the target more often than not. The Catholic church especcially, as they are one of the oldest, most widespread and dominant religions on the planet...and yet they have endured. But there has been far more corruption within other religions and religious leaders, as well. But it seems easy to overlook the "crazy televangelists" or "backwoods ministers" because Hey, we apparently expect them to be crazy and do stupid things. Let's not forget that the Reformation started with a crazed king, people taking Luther's words and making them something other than he intended, and Knox who married a child and kept her captive...clearly these were sane men from whom to base religions on!
(Fact of the matter is the Catholic church had, under our previous pope, a very liberal view on women's and gay rights. Most people haven't bothered to know that.)
I am FAR from some Bible-thumpin' religious fanatic, but I do feel that our society chooses the easy way out more times than not. And that usually is without solid knowledge and instead acts with emotion. "

Yes, in a nutshell that sums up my general beliefs. I don't care what religion you choose to practice, recognize the failings within all of them. Nothing about religion is ever going to be "convenient" to everyone, nor should it be. But faith is, and should be, convenient because faith is trust. It's honesty. It's peace.

So no matter what your religion or what holiday celebration you are indulging in this month, find peace. Share it. Spread it. Be it.

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angela said...

I think you are correct when you talk of people confusing religion with their faith...and a relationship with the one in Whom they have faith. Religion is an outward sign, I think.

If I don't get back to you before Christmas, I hope it is wonderful for you and your sweet family.:-)