05 October 2006

13 Struggles

13 Things I'm Struggling with this Week
1. Pregnancy weight gain (I no longer feel glowing...I feel ugly)
2. Financial stress (its one of those weeks)
3. Baby preparations (sooo much to be done)
4. Loneliness
5. Boredom (I know, you'd think with everything I have to do I wouldn't feel bored...wrong!)
6. Feeling like a good mom (I just am not this week)
7. Work (specifically I can't get programs to do what I want)
8. Friends (or the lack there of ... see #4)
9. Repetition (my life seems to be going in circles with everything from laundry to conversations)
10. Having a boy (...I just feel scared)
11. Having zero time with the hubby (if I get 45 minutes a day, I'm lucky)
12. This blog (should I even bother? Does anyone care?)
13. The fact I'm stuggling with these things does nothing for my self confidence!

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Carmen said...

I think you need a hot bath with some bubbles, a nice trashy book, and some time to yourself. :)

Congrats on the boy - you'll be fine.

Lingerie Lady said...

Congrats on your boy. Those pregnancy hormones sure stink! I hope you feel better soon.

angela said...

Hey girl...

I have been totally overwhelemed with life these days...no TT for me last week and the prospects of tomorrow aren't looking good either.

But I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing...

Don't know if you are still feeling blue, but I think anyone who has been pregnant/a mom knows about this kind of time.

This baby is going to be a great thing for you...we prayed him in, and as a mom of one boy I can tell you that boys love their moms.

I hate that isolated feeling too...I get it sometimes. And with the days getting shorter, sometimes that lack of sunshine has an effect.

OK, so know this...I read your blog and I care how you are...

You are going to be a great boy's mom.

take care

Anonymous said...

Chalk it all up to to horrible hormones! Pregnancy sure does mess with a woman. God knew men couldn't handle it, so he blessed us with it :O) Hang in there, I know it may seem like the longest 9 months, but it does come to an end. When you hold your baby boy for the first time, all that stress will seem worth it, you'll see. I hope you feel better soon, and happy TT!

Anonymous said...

why dont you go out and be with your friends? or read to your unborn baby.

just keep yourself busy and everything will turn out to be fine.

happy TT.

Haley-O said...

Hang in there! Feeling all these things is just a part of pregnancy. Blame it on the hormones. Feel better! :)