26 October 2006

Defeated 13

You will notice there is no Thursday Thirteen posted here today. That's because I feel defeated by the game. You see, I joined in playing because I thought it would be fun to be a part of the "greater blogger community". I've been sadly disappointed. Not only do I feel that little bit of hurt each week when nearly no one comes to visit my blog and read it, when they do stop by on a Thursday, it seems they never come back. Now, I realize my blog is hardly filled with non-stop humour or sex, but it's me, being honest and believing in the people who claim that it helps build friendship...and apparently that honesty counts for little (save among the established "real life" friends who stop by, and thank you for that). I write to express myself, to log my life publicly, to ask questions to gain insight from the world at large, and because it makes me feel good. Having no one read my Thursday Thirteen when there are so many who participate doesn't make me feel good...and so I must stop. I'll continue to read others TT, and comment (per the rules of the game), but I feel that others don't play fairly and so I remain, defeated.


Haley-O said...

Oh...sadness...I know how you feel. I love your blog, though! And, I love your name. I'll be sure to come back. :)

Anonymous said...

in order for TT to work, you need to blog hop too. And if you expect people to leave comments in your blog, you should do that same!

Just Expressing Myself said...

I just get here, and you're leaving.
Well, I'll be back whether you TT or not.
Waving at you from New York,

Kimba said...

Jo, I blog hop almost every day...and even more on Thursdays...and leave comments (I believe I stated that already?) But the point is that it seems in vain.

s@m said...

Sorry you're feeling defeated!

Take care! :D

Mine's here: temporarilyme.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

It's easy to feel defeated. I get most of my hits between Wednesday night and Friday morning. Such is the Thursday Thirteen. It's very popular in "The Community".

I stumbled on yours thru Carmen. Perhaps we can be blog buddies?

angela said...

Wow...I am so sorry that you are not feeling good about the whole TT thing. I have to admit that sometimes mine don't seem to go over...did you ever do the participants list? That seems to help me a little...sometimes...or not:-)

But I know what you are saying...if you work hard to make a list and no one reads it, that is disappointing.

and I have to say the closest I have come to having a real friend come out of this whole list is you...

I hope you will change your mind...but I will still come and visit you either way. :-)

Carmen said...

Aww. i hope you'll post another. I try to read everyone's that i know exists - but often, I don't get to comment until the next day.

You know, when I first started, no one came to read mine. Now, i try to visit as many as I can, and now people know I'm there on thursdays.

I feel so bad that you feel bad about it. i am quite sure that it's not you in any way!