16 October 2006

Hell Week

So the rest of the weekend didn't get any better. My day I thought we'd have together Friday night was shot. Saturday was shot as he was stuck in rehearsal for almost 15 hours! Sunday he had a meeting, then we had to pick up the kidlet (who had been at her best friend's house all weekend...thus making me even more alone), then go his is parents' house, before we finally were able to go pick up pumpkins at dusk. Dinner & then what I was hoping would at least be a night cuddling watching a movie turned into another argument because he has the nerve to "feel unappreciated" and that I clearly knew he's "not a romantic person, why would I ever think he was"? Uh...maybe because you used to do nice things for me before you got into this selfish mode you're going through! Gee, why else? (Basically he tried to pass off what I thought was something sweet from him as his own, but it actually had come from someone else.) I swear, are all men clueless? Then he complains he has no personal time, and that the pitiful 30 minutes or so a day I do get with him should be considered a gift! What?? Are you kidding me?? Clearly His Grace doesn't see that minutes of chatter before falling asleep hardly constitute "quality" time!! I'm just fed up...can you tell?

My highlight of the day (because I'm trying hard to have one) was lunching w/my friend and her funny-as-heck 7 month old, then spending money I didn't have at Target on maternity gauchos for $4 each! I look dreadful in gauchos (I'm just too short) but damn they are the most comfy things to wear around the house!!

His Grace is in the midst of Hell Week (don't I know it) since his play opens on Thursday. Have I mentioned this is my favourite book adapted? Yeah...too bad I'm fed up.

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Anonymous said...

for him - remind your husband of your love language

for you - remind yourself that he's not coming home after you've already gone to bed for the night and you DO have that precious half hour to chat and unwind together.
also - - the BEST thing you can do for yourself is get past whose idea it is, and enjoy the fact that he wants to do nice things for you - - whether he comes up with them on his own or begs, borrows, or steals the ideas from elsewhere. if it helps, you can recall that there is NOTHING new under the sun and the moom, except the new motiviation in a man who wants to move them.