19 May 2006

Where I wish I was right Now

Ah, to be on the top of the Raptor...Or Millenium Force...or...I love, love, LOVE Cedar Point! I love Roller Coasters! It's a rush, a thrill like no other I can explain. Sheer fun! It's the pinnacle of proof that summer is here. And going with friends just makes it a perfect sort of day.

Growing up in Michigan, it was just what you did. You never even contemplated going someplace else. Since moving to Wisconsin, everyone goes to Six Flags Great America. It's a nice enough amusment park...a nice SMALL park. Don't get me wrong, my one experience was fun enough (Deja Vu & Raging Bull being the best bets in my opinion), but everything seemed...I don't know...minature. I'm spoiled by "America's Roller Coast"!

And with the stress of the week, I can think of nothing I'd enjoy more right now than to be able to let out a blood curdling scream that only a roller coaster allows you to do (without a visit from the local police department, anyway). To laugh incessantly with my friends (and play MadLibs while waiting in the line), and release all of the stress. *sigh*

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