04 May 2006

Mini Me

Without our knowledge, my daughter's school did Spring school pictures a few weeks ago. They happened to be during their spirit week, a week the kids were encouraged to dress up each day. I call this bad planning on the school's part, especially since we parents weren't informed photos would happen.

So, lo & behold, the day photos were actually taken was on that Friday, the culmination of the week, the big day that ended with a big school party. They were encouraged to dress in the styles of the 70s or 80s. Now, I wasn't about to let my kid walk out the door dressed as a hippie or in a side ponytail & legwarmers...how common is that? I was a child of the 80s! I was a punk! I loved the 80s and was determined she'd look great. She did...she won the school-wide costume contest, dressed ala' Souxsie Souix (of Souxsie & the Banshees).

Now my past has come back to haunt me, as I will forever have my 12-year-old daughter's 6th grade picture dressed in a burgandy fishnet shirt, skulls tanktop, ratted out hairs, heavy 80s makeup, and my vintage British flag pin & bracelets. I'd like to say this bothers me, but the truth of the matter is, I love it! I can never deny that she is certainly my daughter! Posted by Picasa


Jackie Garren said...

WOW! It's amazing how grown up Kaitlyn has gotten!! And I think there are far worse pics to have...I agree that this is actually pretty darn cool. Much better than a hippie with a peace sign painted on their cheek!

Kimba said...

Yeah, can you believe it? She's about 5'3" now...and curvy as all get out! (No she will not date until she is 35!)

kassi said...

very cool!