15 May 2006

Wedded Bliss

Inspired by posts from both Niff & Kassi, I too am about to run headlong into the "official" wedding season. It's rather strange & interesting in my life.

See, years ago when I was first married, none of my friends were. One couple came along a few years later, but now, after I've had a child, had a divorce, moved away, and have now remarried, my friends are finally jumping on the bandwagon.

I have had weddings every summer for the past...hmmm...5 or 6 years...usually more than one.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love weddings. I think they are wonderful celebrations, and hopefully, wonderful marriages. It is my goal to make my event planning business a success, so I have to like wedding to help plan/coordinate them. I just am overwhelmed at the amount of them that are happening right now.

I am two this summer to attend. They should both be very nice, though very different. One will be a highly traditional church service. The other will be a lovely outdoor ceremony. I wish each couple nothing but joy.

The third wedding in my life, I'm not actually attending, though it affects me directly. It is the marriage of my ex-husband. I'm not certain what to think or feel about this. Part of me wants to scream "Run! He's a cheat & a liar!" But part of me, the part who has found peace with life and love in a way I never knew was possible for me, wishes him well. He isn't marrying some freak that I'll be terrified for my daughter to be around. He seems to be getting his life in order, possibly for the first time ever. So despite the wierdness of it all, particularly for my kid, I do hope for the same happy future I wish for any other couple.

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