04 May 2006

My First Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I enjoy about Reenacting
1. Spending time with friends.
2. I own authentic clothing of different time periods
3. I get to experience life through someone else’s eyes.
4. Sharing history with people in an entertaining fashion.
5. I force myself to learn something new everyday.
6. Who doesn’t want to play dress up?
7. I have been able to visit unique historical places because of my knowledge.
8. My family & friends are anything but boring!
9. My daughter knows more about history than her teachers.
10. I could easily (and willingly) walk onto a PBS/BBC history reality show
(like Manor House, etc.)
11. My husband looks HOT in period clothing!
12. I actually enjoy wearing corsets!
13. How many people can say they live in the 16th, 17th, 18th AND 21st centuries?!

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Carolyn said...

great list! We watched a few re-enactments, but never participated in one. Great activity though!

Thanks for stopping by!

angela said...

That is interesting...my son just participated with his 4th grade class in the Land Run of Oklahoma...we had to get pioneer clothing toether for him, a tin bucket, a pioneer lunch (with things wrapped in cloth)...he halso did a one room schoolhouse day in Kingfisher OK...They have relaly loved the reenacting thing, too, and it does get you in the spirit of things...

angela said...

OK, I really can spell...



angela said...

Sorry...my TT is up, too...didn't see your Linky...:-)