17 May 2006

Into the Past

This week I am overwhelmed with the anticipation and preparation of a weekend about to be spent in the 1860s. We, as a family, will be attending the Civil War Days at the Naperville Settlement . We have our clothing (lovely dresses & suit courtesy of Kaufmann's Emporium), and a multitude of accessories & items to occupy our days. My stress comes from the event Saturday evening...an evening engagement party that my event company (A Turn of Events) has been hired to put together. Now, I'm good at party planning, and if it were just a party it would be one thing. But I'm having to cater this event. AH!! I'm so worried right now, and desperately wish I had a partner. *sigh* I think it will turn out lovely...I just hope they will be happy with it. I'd hate to disappoint anyone. I guess I'll be able to relax later...I'm off to prep.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

My sister and BIL do reenactments in Nebraska. I love that time period. I spent a semester in college living in a little historic town in Ill. Good luck with your event!