05 April 2006

Let Them Eat Cake!

See what I made last night in my cake decorating class!!!
Ok, so I didn't really make this cake. It's from a great bakery called Simma's, in Milwaukee. But I did start a cake decorating class last night...with the hubby AND the child! I'm really excited to learn how to make beautiful cakes, with all the groovy details, rather than just plain cakes, that taste yummy, but aren't particularly spectacular in any way. Of course, it also means I now want ALL of the groovy tools and gadgets that go with it...even though I don't even know how to use them yet. Oh well...if I have the tools, it will inspire me, right?? Well, it s a good theory anyway.

I'm being overtaken with the need to be creative. Perhaps its the (finally) warm & sunny days outside? I've planted, I purchased a book & yarn to teach myself crocheting (so far I can do two stitches successfully...I have along way to go). And new pencils & paper and have doing some really good drawing lately. (hmmm...maybe I'll scan one to put up here?)

The GREAT news is I've officially been hired as an event planner! The Great Lakes Re-enactment Guilde has hired me to do a civil war inspired bridal shower...at their event in May! I'm really excited about it. I'm also working with two brides on their weddings.
A Turn of Events is officially off the ground and running!!

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