11 April 2006

Wind in My Hairs

Sunday I was gifted with an early birthday surprise from my husband...my own, brand new bike! I'm giddy with excitement. It's more pink & silver than the one in the photo (given the fact I'm so short, find a bike of the appropriate height tends to mean finding one a little girlier than I'd prefer, but oh well, I'll embrace my girliness!)

You have to understand, it has probably been about 17 years since I last rode a bike. I've wanted one for at least that long, but for a multitude of reasons (some just, some not) I either wasn't or couldn't get one. So now, at long last, I can hop on and pedal to my hearts content. Ok, so I was a little fearful for a moment, worried I'd end up scraping my arm or leg in an inadvertant fall. But I started to move, confidently gained my balance, and within moments felt that breeze that only comes from the movement of two wheels beneath you.

I guess riding a bike really is alot like life. You have to find your own balance, not give into fear, and just ride. You, after all, are the one in control. You steer the course, and can brake when you want to. And there is nothing quite as fun as feeling that wind on your face, the one with the girly smile. Posted by Picasa


Fin said...

How wonderful - a new bike! That's great! I have to air up the tires in mine and see if I can manage a trip down the (dirt and gravel) road without breaking my neck!

kassi said...

I just pumped the tires on mine yesterday and took the snoog for a spin. It was lovely!


Kimba said...

Glad to hear you ladies are enjoying the biking friendly spring days we are finally getting too! I think I need to invest in a seat that doesn't make my butt ache quite so much though! ouch!