29 April 2006

Baby Remember My Name...

My favourite TV show ever is finally out on DVD! I'm so very excited about this! I don't know how many of you remember the TV show FAME, but it ran through the early to mid-80s and it effected my life greatly.

Having been the kind of kid who was involved in theatre, dance, figure skating, piano, etc. from the age of 2, performing was all I ever knew. I had ambitions of being a skater, like my mother, but after an ankle shattering car accident, that wasn't a reality any more. Seeing the movie "FAME" gave me the ambition to focus more on acting (and writing). The TV game me the courage to do it.

I would spend hours singing & dancing in my basement to the music from the show, with lyrics that inspired, I was certain I could be good. And I wasn' t too bad. I did quite a bit of theatre over the years. I never had ambitions to be on Broadway (and never wanted anything to do with Hollywood), but I still have been pretty damn good. And most of all, I still pull out the music from the show now and then. And I still feel inspired to try hard. I still feel like I can make any dream happen when I listen to the lyrics. I dance around my house, and know, somewhere deep down, I still have "it".
So, as you can see, having the first season out on DVD now means I can rewatch all those episodes and feel inspired again! I will remember many, many Thursday nights glued inches from teh TV set in my parent's living room, wanting nothing more than to sing & dance. "I'm gonna live forever..."Posted by Picasa

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Kel said...

That is so neat when one of your favorite shows gets put on DVD. I've been having a blast checking all my old favorites out and going back down memory lane!