25 April 2006

Let Them Eat Cake! (the film)

Today is my final cake decorating class, of this session. It was fun to take as a family, though we've had more cake than we knew what to do with. (Shoving it off on people as often as possible!) So I have more frosting to make. ugh. I did make a lovely cake for the party over the weekend though, which I was quite proud of. Blue w/white roses all round the edge and a large W in fancy script, a shell border around the bottom. Today I'm opting to make a "brownie cake" instead of the usual cakes...I like them better!

Speaking of Cake, I simply cannot wait for the new film about Marie Antoinette to come out in October. It stars Kirstin Dunst (who I think is really a fine actress...and totally should have won awards for her portrayal of Claudia back when she was in "Interview w/a Vampire") and the film is directed by Sophia Coppola. Anywho, here's a link to watch the trailer.

We pick up the final pieces of our lawn furniture tonight, too. Yeah! Of course, the weather decided to jump backwards to winter (hello...it was just 75 degress, and now it's 34!), but it will be nice to have & enjoy the backyard this summer. The tulips & other flowers are just gorgeous right now (having gone & planted lots to restore our gardens) and we plan to do even more gardening. Stop by and see it!

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