17 April 2006


I hope everyone had a GREAT Easter. Mine was. Saturday we spent with Paul's family. This was the first Easter I've celebrated with them, it was pleasant enough. It felt somewhat rushed though...I'm not certain why. But dinner was good, the kids loved their Easter egg hunt. Sunday we started the day with a very nice mass at church which I enjoyed, except for the music. Why must we sing Victorian hymns? They are so...droning. I grew up in a church with fun, bright, celebratory music. The church I attend now has THE worst music director. I seriously dislike the music 99% of the time. Which I hate feeling that way, since I really do enjoy the mass otherwise. The priest is a good speaker, and I always feel refreshed and connected, the way I think you should feel after going to church. Oh well....

Then it was off to spend the day with some friends. It was an interesting way to spend such an important Christian holiday...with two Jewish friends, an ex-Catholic, a Baptist, a pagan, and us (Catholics). But we each held the day in some sort of esteem, and no "you're wrong" sort of attitude to one another, so it made the day celebratory, nonetheless.

I miss spending the day with my parents. But I'm certain I felt my father beside me at church, and it was a great comfort. I only wish I could be with my mom too. She's so far away in Florida. I hope her day with my sister down there was a good one. I tried calling too late, and they said she was in bed. I'll try again.

I made it through Lent without breaking my promises. As a reward the hubby gave me a 2 liter of Coca-cola and my favourite chocolates (which I'd given up for Lent). It was a happy reward. He & the kidlet got "Narnia" and "Avatar" dvds, respectively. They were happy. Now I have to hope my birthday gifts for him arrive before Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should move to Toledo, because our church choir totally f@*%....... uh..... I mean, fabulously rocks! .....yeah, that's it!

We sang some modern stuff from Africa for Easter worship after a prologue of typical, etherial, Anglican, Latin-texted "Tantum Ergo". Our church is _VERY_ celebratory for Easter (complete with rainbow vestments and pinwheels!)

Be glad that you didn't feel your mother's presence beside you at Mass this past Sunday, as she'd probably have her fingernails digging into the underside of your upper arm!!!!

Miss You All!!!!!!!!

Kimba said...

awww man! I totally would have loved that! Rainbows & Pinwheels...I think there are enough of those in my life already! (ha!)
Miss you soooo much!!!