29 March 2006

Chai Green Tea

Today I'm tired. There really isn't alot to say. I'm cold and have drank so many mugs full of Chai Green Tea, I'm going to be in the bathroom all night. (Tea being the diauretic that it is.)
At least I'm drinking it out of a cool new mug...hubby & I went pottery painting last week, and I made a groovy mug in teal & lime green, with polka dots and stripes. I'm very proud of it. The coolest part is the fish I put inside the mug, so when my tea is done I see the fish in the bottom. It's a crazy little smile. I also put one on the bottom so anyone who looks at me while I'm drinking my tea sees a fish too. Yeah...I need to get out more.

I'd post a pic, but my digital camera decided it wanted to die for no apparent reason, and I haven't figured out the new video camera yet to know how to take a snapshot and download it. I guess that's my task for tomorrow.

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