09 March 2006

Squishy Face

Pugs crack me up!
I can't help it, they absolutely turn me into this babbling idiot with their cuteness. Their crazy squished in faces and big eyes totally make me smile. I am convinced they have no real purpose other than to make me smile. It doesn't matter how bad of a mood I'm in, one cute little pug goes by and I'm laughing.

There once was a pug at the Michigan RenFest, the PubPug, and the minute I'd come past I'd call out to him and he'd run to me, up my full skirts, and rest on my chest with a smile. Sheer joy.
I want a pug...maybe one day. Until then I have to be content with the random happy pug moment.

I'm curious what makes other people smile despite themselves??? Posted by Picasa


kassi said...

I'm a sucker for kittens. Hands down. That and babies.

Plunky said...

I'm here from Kel's blog. Any dog makes me smile even when I am in my worst moods.