03 March 2006

What's in a Name??

Me as Mary, Queen of Scots w/Kevin as Lord Darnley at the Michigan Renaissance Festival 2000

Ok, so I found this funny little quiz that tells you how your name would be defined. Here are my results:

Kimba --[noun]:A lewd street performer
'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Let's just say I laughed my ass off. As you can see by the photo...I've been a lewd street performer for many years. For years I performed & worked with the Michigan Renaissance Festival. I am also with the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Over a 14 years I've acted in the streets of these Elizabethan faires, and looking back I can say they have been great years.

You don't realize just how many people's lives you've touched until someone comes back to you with a photograph they took of you with their family. That we are in literally thousands of people's family photo albums is overwhelming. They remember the silliest things, like the snide remark you made to their husband, or the way you made their child laugh. It's a warm feeling inside. Despite the dirt, the heavy clothing, the long days, the mud...it really has been good times.

I have good friends, also, because of the faires. People who are amazingly intelligent, well educated, thoughtful souls. I'm looking forward to the summer now.Posted by Picasa


kassi said...

It still amazes me that people remember me as "the fairy" from 1999.

crazy world.

Jetting Through Life said...

Hi Kimba... I noticed that you linked me, thank you!!! I am originally from Racine!!

I miss the Renaissance Faire a lot!!! Oh... the food!! ;o)