14 March 2006

Who Done It?

You are cordially invited to a 1936 soiree at an English manor, when your host is murdered!

Today I'm planning a birthday party for my husband and I. (Our birthdays are 2 days apart.) We have decided to keep a relatively small event this year and are hosting a murder mystery dinner party. It's great fun, if you've never been to one. Good food, fabulous clothing, death..all the makings of an evening with friends! I'm really looking forward to it, though it will still be a month or more away.

All of my friend are performers, so we tend to create alot of these sorts of gatherings. I realize that isn't how the average person spends their time, but we do. We are creative people with creative needs. I supposes that is why I want to do this for a living...creating events for people. It's what I do best. And what I find the most fun with.

My daughter tells her school friends about the parties at our house, and I think most of them don't believe her...but why be boring? Enjoy life! Have a party! Let me organize it for you! After all...wouldn't you rather be the one "who done it"? Posted by Picasa


kassi said...

sounds like a ton of fun!

Kimba said...

You can come to the party if you'd like! We'd love to have you guys!!