16 March 2006

Support All Around

Today's lesson in futilism is my attempt to figure out what theatre company my family is going to support for the next year. This may not sound as strenuous as it really is, however, I realize that whatever decision I make locks us into tickets for an entire year at whichever theatre, ballet, opera company I choose. That's alot of commitment!

In the past we have purchased season tickets to the Milwaukee Ballet, then individual tickets to various shows we chose to attend elsewhere. However this coming season of dance doesn't intice us enough to commit to it, giving us a chance to be patrons of some other theatre. This is terribly exciting...and yet daunting. So far none of the theatre companies (and there are many) have this overall amazing season that screams "oooh, me, me, choose me"!

On an entirely different vein (because its that kind of day)...please check out a couple of other people's websites. Please!
First, a big hello and thank you to my new friend and "bloglord" Kel! Her blog is cute and definately worth your time!
Second, an old friend is doing something very good and needs you to support her. If you care about kids, please make the donation, thanks.Posted by Picasa


Kel said...

awwww. Thanks so much. :)

Fin said...

thank you.
i've actually had a hit (if not a donation) from your generous nod.

hope you are happy and well...

Kimba said...

You both deserve praise! Kindness and generousity make life worthwhile! I hope more people will make donations!