15 August 2007

To Do. Do too.

UPDATES:: Too much to attempt to accomplish today.
1. Attempt to write some clever or witty blog entry. Nope, I've failed, this is the best you get for now.
2. Pick up paycheck. Cash said paycheck. Attempt to figure out why I've been charged the bank fees I've been charged thanks to stupid cell phone companies not following policy. Done. Done. Nothing finalized on deleted the bank fees unfortunately, but cell phone company was oh-so-kind as to credit me 10 whole dollars. Oh joy.
3. Buy kidlets school supplies. Done, with argument because no, she can't be satisfied with the generic 5 for $1 spiral notebooks, no they HAVE to be $2 each Pirates of the Caribbean notebooks. *sigh*
4. Buy groceries so we no longer are attempting to stretch the few piddly remnants of food in the freezer by adding tomatoes to everything.
5. Buy a new pair of shoes since the ones I wear all the time to work are literally falling apart.
6. Clean the house.
7. Buy a basket to store baby toys in the living room.
8. Laundry.
9. Color my hairs & cover up any tell-tale signs of aging.
10. Spend time with the kidlet AND baby since hubby will be working until 10pm tonight. Ok, at least I can say I've done plenty of this today with all the running around, and lunch out together.
Yeah, wish me luck.


Fin said...

ALMOST peed my pants laughing at the "adding tomatoes to everything" comment. We've been eating a LOT of green crispies since the summer season rolled in and my local farmers are selling their goods at really good prices.

my peppers are still trying to grow. i expect a late season crop.

otherwise not much to tell... just slogging my way through the week.

Kimmer said...

Yesterday was school registration for us. I paid $54.70 for Pip's last school year *sigh*! (...and then another $4 for a locker, $5 for a student directory, and $42 for a yearbook...)

At least I didn't have to shell out another $120 for the TI-84 Graphing Calculator. That SUCKED!!

Start saving now, it's the price of having a smart kid! --You'll be wishing to heck that all's you had to buy is the Pirates of the Caribbean notebook again.....

Other than that, our days could almost have been the same day!

Kimba said...

Oh I feel the pain with school fees, believe me! I was lamenting it last night. Fees for books, fees for advance programs, fees for the gym locker...which she has to share...fees for field trips. Add to it they are going to a "uniform" this year, which means all new school only clothes & shoes. I don't recall every having to pay for these sorts of things when we were in school!