08 August 2007

Farmer Me

Look what I plucked from my meager little backyard garden today! I couldn't believe it! And I have many more that should be ready in just a few days! Forgive me for being overly proud of such a minor accomplishment, but I'm hardly the "nature girl/farming" type! I can't wait to slice them up! YUM!


Fin said...

woo hoo
makes me think back to early fest days, with fresh garden tomatoes for you, and hand woven weed wreaths for me.

i planted a buttload of tomato seeds this year, handed all the baby plants off to my mom though (who has the home time to tend them) and there are "sweet 100's" coming out her ears. she and the baby go out and pick them every day - - just enough for munching on. the pepper plants (that i grew from seeds harvested from red and yellow peppers from the grocery store) are just starting to bear fruit (which surprises me, because I thought for sure they would neuter them somehow) and should be ready to eat later (much later) in the season.
your crop is gorgeous (i keep finding myself going back and looking again)

slouching mom said...

No! Don't think you're overly proud! I am garden-inept and think those are beautiful specimens!

Dapoppins said...

Please feel free to leave any of those beauties on my doorstep.