05 August 2007


So the kidlet is back home after spending the summer with her father. She had a great time, saw almost every movie worth seeing this summer, went to sports camp & her first sleep-away camp experience too...which was possibly the coolest things she did. Besides the usual camp experiences, she had theatre (and received the highest advanced acting award!), photography (yes all the photos here are ones she took), canoeing & kayaking, and horseback riding. Not only did she get to ride, she actually learned how to STAND on a walking horse. The performer in me is amazed & thrilled...the mom part of me is glad to know after the fact! I wish I'd gone to camp as a kid, but I never had the chance. Growing up on a lake, with endless trails to explore with your friends through the woods, I guess parents just didn't see the point. Plus I went to year-round school. Perhaps they should have summer camp for adults? I think we need it more than the kids do! Now she's off to Art Camp all week, then learning to sail on Lake Michigan after that. Yeah...it would be nice to have summer vacation as a grown up.

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