01 August 2007

Dog Days

It's hard to believe August is here. The summer is drawing to a close and soon enough it's back to school time. I feel I've hardly begun to enjoy the summer, and yet, time is speeding by. And with the steady ticking of time, I'm quickly realizing with each passing day we're getting older.

I know that probably sounds silly, of course we are! But I think we tend to drift through most of the time, taking it one day at a time and always anticipating something in the future. Maybe its because I, personally, don't have anything I'm really waiting for, feeling excited about. And that's really something I thrive on. And so, the dog days of summer tick by.
My kidlet comes home on Saturday. I am looking forward to that. I've missed her, but I know she's had a great summer...and has more to come....Art Camp, learning to sail at the yacht club camp, her best friend's birthday party, and just hanging out. Ah, to be a kid again.
This photo totally represents the essence of childhood to me...eating snowcones & popcorn with one of your best friends, while watching a waterski show...while mom & dad sit 5 rows behind you.

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