30 April 2007

Time is not my friend

I've been meaning to write. I keep thinking "oh, I should blog about that". But then time slips away from me, and another day has past with no update...and truthfully little else to show for it either.

It was my birthday not so long ago. It was a day. Not remarkable. We went to see "Body Worlds 2", which was awesome & disturbing. We had dinner with friends which was enjoyable. But, in the end, it was just a day.

This week was the same day repeated, except for Friday when we saw a fun performance of the play "Comedy murder Mystery of 1940s", and a Dutch dinner with friends on Saturday was fun & yummy. But my hubby annoyed me all weekend, & I got only 4 hours of sleep all weekend, so it was a bit crappy in the end.

Maybe I'm just stressed because I'm supposed to return to work this week.


ordinarygirl said...

You're probably just in a rut. The good thing about a rut is that it doesn't last forever. It certainly feels like forever, especially when you're down in it. One thing that helps me is thinking that in a few weeks/months time I won't even remember that I was miserable.

It may also be something more serious. You've just had a major life-altering event and your hormones are probably all still in flux. Have you talked to your doctor about how you've been feeling?

Kimba said...

It's the rut. The dreaded rut. But I am starting to see the fog lifting to something new. Thanks for the support.