01 April 2007

The Reign

Life is better with sleep. Just in case you weren't aware of it, it is. I just wish the rainy weather would cease.

That said I'm finally finding some time to write...not that I have great amounts to say.

This week I have been thinking of the value of friendship. I have had some wonderful friends in my life. People who truly are to be cherished. Some have fallen out of my daily existance, sadly, but always there in my mind & heart. Some of those I'm able to keep tabs on via modern technology. Others are always a phone call away. But those friends sustain me when I'm down, or alone, or tired. Even Paul I call friends first, husband second. Easter always makes me think of friends, though I don't think I've ever spent an Easter with them.

I saw a great film last week, "Reign over Me" with Adam Sandler. It reminds us that life can change drastically in a moment, and that we need people. We can't go life alone.

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