10 April 2007


I've been accused of corrupting my friends by dragging them along to everything from theatre to drag shows. I've been accused of corrupting my child by raising her in the theatre & renaissance faire. But now my new iPod is corrupt...or so iTunes informed me when I plugged it in today. I have no idea what happened. Perhaps some sort of conspiracy against my music? *sigh* So now it says its restoring it & all of my songs will be lost & I'll have to start over. Technology hates me.

Unrelated...I think...we spent Saturday in Chicago while the baby visited his grandparents. It was a lovely if cold day walking down the Miracle Mile (mostly window shopping), lunched at a FAB British pub (Black snakebite to drink, curry chips, bangers & mash...yum!!!), and then we had been given tickets to "Who's afraid of Virginia Wolfe?" It was a wonderful production with the Broadway cast (Kathleen Turner & Bill Irwin) and it reminded me just how much I like Edward Albee's writing. You might not like the story line, but you have to appreciate the language. In college Nif & I starred in Albee's "A Zoo Story". It was an acting experience unto no other. I miss that sort of experience. It corrupted me, in some ways, forever. Just like my iPod.

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