09 November 2006

In Knots

Overall, I’m rather pleased with the election results. I’m not going to dwell on it here, however I must say I’m beyond disgusted with the people of Wisconsin for passing the amendments on Gay marriage/civil rights and the Death Penalty. Apparently a state whose motto is “Forward” actually wants Puritanical laws denying rights to unmarried or gay couples and putting people to death. I’m repulsed. But enough on that.

Does anyone know a good way to eliminate back pain when you’re 24 weeks pregnant? To say I’m in excruciating pain is an understatement. Nightly I have the hubby slather my back in Icy Hot…which works for about 2 hours. The other 22 hours of the are unbearable. Please, if anyone can tell me what I can or can’t take, I’ll be eternally grateful.

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angela said...

Have you tried Tylonol? Sometimes it works better than I think it will. What about a hot bath? Heating pad? Don't know if you can use that or not. Ahhh pregnancy:-)

What if you got one of those lotion applicators that looks like a backbrush in the shower? You could maybe apply that icy hot yourself...