03 November 2006

Halloween Take 2

So tomorrow is my Halloween party, an event I'm greatly looking forward to. (Though I must admit to some level stress...will I have enough food for everyone? Should I provide alcohol? How much? Will the kids be bored? But then I always stress before parties.) The theme, as I've stated before, if "Come as your favourite Literary Character...Dead!" Hubby & I will be portraying Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth...yeah, as if we haven't had enough Jane Austen in our lives lately! The kidlet will be Elphaba from "Wicked". I like my dress that I made last week...it's a lovely shade of pale yellow with a ivory overlay (similar to the drawing here). I know some of my friends will be going all out for their costumes...we're rather crazy like that. I'm certain to see gowns from the 1700s, 1890s, modern, futuristic, and just plain wacky. I can't wait!

What character would you be?

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Lady Jane said...

Oh, the most fabulous costumes possible! I would LOVE to be Elizabeth Bennet (and find my Mr. Darcy!). lol Have a lovely, lovely time!