10 November 2006

Evil Programming

Ok, so why is it that whenever I attempt to stray from my usual TV viewing (i.e. House Hunters, Ghost Hunters, What Not to Wear, Gilmore Girls and Top Chef) I end up seeing some horrible show about dying babies or mothers? I stopped watching ER because of this very reason...so why in God's name did I tune into an episode this morning? Sure enough...dying pregnant woman. So I flip to some random movie (Jersey Girl, I think) just in time to see Jennifer Lopez dying in childbirth! Last night I flipped it over to Gray's Anatomy (I've never seen a single episode of this show before, mind you) and see a pregnant lady fall & kill her baby. Ok...does Hollywood think this is a good storyline? As a 6 month pregnant, hormonal mess...I declare a protest! I'm going to back to my regularly scheduled shows about ghosts...its much safer.

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