07 November 2006

Election Day

Remember to vote today!

Ok, that said, I haven't actually been to the polling place yet. I will, I promise. But this morning was my doctor's appointment...everything is great! The doctor is thrilled with the small weight gain I've had, baby is growing well, I'm having no complications...all is well!

Then I was off to attempt to find a decent anniversary gift for the hubby...sooo difficult to buy for! (Our one year anniversary is this coming Sunday.) Any ideas? I bought him a pair of trousers, which is no small feat as he's giant tall and uber-skinny...and a CD. Not the most romantic of gifts, I know. *sigh* Christmas will be even harder, I'm certain.

Speaking of, one of the Chicago radio stations is already playing nothing but Christmas music. I found it ironic since its actually in the 60s here today!

Oh well. NOthing more to say.

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