24 February 2006

Walls o' Stench...an odourous journey

Today I have the tedious task of driving my daughter to the Michigan border so she can meet her father at this half-way point, all for the joy of spending the weekend with him. Such is the life of divorced parents who live in different states. About once a month, and during vacation times, we meet half way, do the drop off/pick up task, then drive our respective route home. Only to turn around on Sunday to do the same again. It is alot of driving (typically about 6 hours, more or less) each time, but I don't mind. It's good for her to spend time with her dad. The only part of the drive I really dread...Indiana.

Now, I don't mean to offend anyone who lives in the state, I'm certain there has to be some good places to see...but must it stink? The I-94 corridor around Lake Michigan has three distinctive Walls o' Stench, as I prefer to refer to them. The first is somewhat like strapping a used diaper over your face. The second, slightly "sweeter" more like raw meat left out on the sidewalk in the heat. And last, a lingering odor I can liken only somewhat like the B.O. of the entire populous of Gary, IN.

What is it? Other cities don't have that problem. I drive through the entirety of Chicago with all the industry that is there, and there is no smell (well, save the exhaust from the endless back-up of cars). Do other cities export their stench to Indiana? Perhaps this is some sort of scheme I'm not aware of?

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Cricket said...

oh, if you want a really olfactory treat, come visit me in Terre Haute! There's no place life home...*cough* *gag* *wheeze*