21 February 2006


Friday the hubby, daughter, and I spent a lovely evening at the Milwaukee Ballet. We have season tickets, and though there are only 4 ballets each year, it is a wonderful cultural break to the otherwise mundane world. This month's show was "Scheherzade" from Arabian Nights fame. The featured stories were not only her own, of how she told stories to the sultan for 1001 nights to prevent her own death, but "Sinbad", "Aladdin" and the prince & the lady in the moon. As always, with the Milwaukee Ballet, it was beautifully costumed, gorgeously danced, and several hours of delight to the senses. They really are a gem in the city. I'm proud to have the opportunity to support them.

My family and I are firm believers of the arts, and involve ourselves directly as often as possible...acting, directing, designing, etc. It's just a part of who we are. I find it sad and frustrating whenever I hear of arts programs being cut from schools and communities. I truly believe if more people not only learned to love & support their cultural communities, but bred that love in their children, there would be less violence. When you love and respect something, and learn to see the beauty in the world around you, it is only then you want to protect & cherish it. Posted by Picasa

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kassi said...

I completely agree with you. Though, sadly I haven't involved myself in these cultural gems in a long long time.