15 February 2006

Lonely Wakes

I know yesterday was Valentine's Day, and I should be riding this high from love & passion. Truth is, today I feel alone. Our night was nice. Not bodice ripping passion, but nice. (Nice isn't a word I like very much, but I don't feel inclined to search for a better one, when it seems appropriate.) I guess I'm feeling like my life is unneeded. My daughter has become highly independent and will only continue to do so. My husband certainly has his own time & space, especcially with work. Me? I'm at home...all day, every day. I do work around the house, I'm working on a book (or at least the preliminaries of it), I blog mostly to write not because I think anyone actually reads this...though I'd like to think someone does. (lack of commentary makes me believe otherwise.) I used to be the kind of person who was always doing something, people were always stopping by. I'm alot more serious now, and in that seriousness, I wonder if I have really become so dull? Posted by Picasa


kassi said...

How strange it is that you and I are wondering the same questions.

Kimba said...

And it seems we've been keeping the same sort of sleep schedule too! Must be something in the air...???