03 February 2006

The Fab Five

Today's random FRIDAY FIVE is all about music. Of course, I can't think of THE FAB FIVE - Duran Duran...long before the Queer Eye guys took over the moniker.

What is the first album you bought?
I think the first was Shaun Cassidy. I think it may have been called something like "Underwraps" or something equally cheesy. Hey, I was probably 8 at the time! My taste in music greatly improved.

What is the last album you bought?
The last "album" I bought was probably something by Duran Duran. The last CD I purchased was Jesse McCartney & Hillary Duff...a birthday gift for the 12-year-old.

What is your favorite “pick me up” song?
Hmmm...it really depends on the day. Today I'd probably say anything by Adam Ant.

What was the last song you sung out loud?
Right now, I'm singing along with "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper.

Name one song that no matter where you are, when you hear it, you have to dance.
"Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order

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