15 October 2010

Losing Faith

I'm angry.
I've tried to hard to be faithful...to believe in God...to trust Him.
But I'm losing my faith because horrible people continue to do horrible things, while good people suffer.
This week my mother is suffering...to a point that she may be slowly dying.
My mother is the most devout person I've ever known.
My mother put all her trust in God.
She was gifted with incredible talent as a dancer & figure skater.
Her ability to use her legs was taken away by MS.
My mother adored my father.
He was taken away unexpectedly & quickly.
My mother was raised well to do, and loves enjoying life, particularly really good foods.
Now her ability to eat is being taken away.
This is cruel.
It's not fair.
And I'm angry.
Very angry.
I want to scream at God. I want to hit Him.
I want to know why she should be forced to suffer.
I want my mom back.

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