06 October 2010

Gleeful through the Tears

Last night was the most powerful episode of the TV show GLEE.
Hilariously called "Grilled Cheesus" it focused on religion, faith, beliefs, fear, and doubt. It really hit home for me, and despite feeling terribly sick, I cried my way through the episode.

After my father's death 5 years ago, and my mom's struggle with MS, I've found myself doubting my faith again & again. I get angry because my mom is probably the most devout person I've ever known, and yet she suffers in pain every day. Mom never missed a Holy Day or Sunday at Church. She prays daily. She is a kind, giving person. She is unable to walk at all. She had been a professional figure skater & dancer, and this is the punishment she has been given. Why?!?!

My father was raised by faithful parents, and converted to Catholicism as an adult. He would have loved to have been a priest, and vowed to if mom had passed away first. He adored my mom and took incredible care of her. He taught me to expect a lot from a husband...and life. Then, despite being incredibly healthy & strong, in a moment he died. Fast, unexpected, and long before his time. Why?!?!

So I'm grateful to the cast of GLEE for their bravery in presenting a topic, that could be so controversial, so eloquently.

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