13 October 2009

Nice! Nice? Nice.

So, lately things have just been. Nothing too thrilling. Nice. Just nice.

I feel nothing on a daily basis other than jealousy or stress. Not so nice.

I'm desperate for change. In a good way. A nice way.

I need to figure out how to appreciate little things. Nice little things.

A blogger I read addresses them as "sparklies", as it was her way of dealing with the death of a daughter who adored all things sparkly, and as young kids do, she would be awed by little things that adults forget to appreciate.

I've always hated "nice". It's what you say when you have no better word to describe things.
Life is too nice.

1 comment:

Kimmer said...

I have no time for anything.

I work
then come home
then go to other work.

.....and apparently I'm seeing 2 men right now.

What the hell am I thinking?!?

I'd call you tonight, but I have to work.