27 October 2009

Heaven & Hell Halloween

This past Saturday was my annual Halloween bash. This year's theme was "Heaven & Hell" so I had to plan & decorate accordingly. Paul & I put some of our cake decorating training to use and each took on the task of a cake each.

My Hell cake was originally intended to be a 6 tier tower alternating red velvet & dark chocolate with chocolate truffle frosting in between. And it was. I just didn't reinforce it enough and as I was adding the fondant flames, it started to lean. So I laid it down an replanned the cake, so it ended up having the skull being sucked into the flames of hell rather than atop the tower. I sort of liked it better this way!

Paul took on the Heaven cake, making a white angel cake with traditional white buttercream ribboning, lattace work, lace, flowers, with classic columns. It was classically lovely and could easily have been someone's very traditional wedding cake.

And in true fashion our friends came decked out in their usual creative selves.

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Kanga said...

You both did fantastic work on the cakes - I love them! Paul looks .... eerily wicked and I don't like him looking at me! Stop, Paul ... stop!!!!! *shudder*

LOL! Sounds like you all had a great time! You are the best party planner and hostess EVER!!!