30 April 2009

Thursday's Book

I used to do the Thursday Thirteen.
I stopped doing it sometime last year...simply because I didn't feel I had the time for it. But since I've been in such a writing rut lately, I decided that maybe if I went back to it, I could feel inspired.
Imagine my surprise to find the original was gone!
But instead I found BOOKING THROUGH THURSDAYS, which I personally find very cool.
I'm going to attempt to keep this a regular feature. Please feel free to share your opinions!

Which is worse?

Finding a book you love and then hating everything else you try by that author, or

Reading a completely disappointing book by an author that you love?

Personally I think it's worse to find a disappointing book by an author you love. Mostly because I've probably invested in the purchase simply because I love said author...and then I feel like I want my money back. That's how I'm feeling about Anne Rice these days. It makes me sad that I don't feel motivated to continue her new religious track. I miss the character development of her other books.


Sherrie said...

Haven't read any of Ann Rice's books. I've read Patrica Cornwell and one book I read just wasn't up to her regular standard. Have a great day!!


Bluestocking said...

I voted for #1.


Jess said...

I haven't read any Ann Rice books but have heard fantastic things about Interview with a Vampire.

Nise' said...

Since I borrow most of the books I read from the library, I am more forgiving of a bad book or two.

Sandra said...

I would agree with you ... reading a completely disappointing book by an author I love would really stink! Especially because, as with you, I would have purchased the book simply because it was written by a favorite author!

btw...LOVE your blog, I truly do! Am thinking of starting one ... hmmm...