23 April 2009

Budget Cuts

So I walked into work yesterday to get the news that the Village, who had recently announced was in a huge deficit & needed ALL departments to find some budget cuts, decided that it would be a good idea to take $65,000 from MY department's $70,000 budget! Uh...are you kidding me?
How can they expect a Parks & Recreation Dept. to run on $5,000 for a year? I'm supposed to get paid for my job, my maintenance crews jobs, the equipment & supplies for maintaining four large community parks, the sports fields, classes, advertising, lights, phone, office equipment, etc. on $5,000???!?!???!?!? REALLY?!?!
I'm furious.
Yes, we are trying to become more independent from the village budget, but seriously?!?!
So, needless to say I'm concerned over the viability of my own job.
And, truthfully, a bit panicked for my family, as my hubby's hours were already cut back a couple of months ago. Things have been tight...and now they are even tighter.
Only here can I say it...I'm scared.

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