15 April 2009

Delays & Distractions

I've been meaning to write. I really have! But life keeps getting in the way.
I still plan to post photos from the ball. *sigh* I just never have time these days, and I don't know why? I work all day & then I deal with kids & by the time they go to bed, it's time for ME to go to bed. I just want a day to myself. Just me. But then I'd want to just read or something all day rather than actually being productive. Ah, the fate of adulthood!

I'm frustrated that Blogger isn't letting me change the color of my individual posts anymore. Jerks. I like color options!!

Today I had my first ad for my job printed! It's fun & colourful & hopefully will generate interest in our classes I work so hard to provide to the community.

I realized this week that I have to cancel my plans to go to Michigan because I forgot about a wedding we have to attend. I've been so wrapped up in getting a prom dress for the Kidlet, I don't know if I even have anything appropriate to wear anymore? I do, but it might be too "winter". Oh well...people will just have to deal.

This weekend is my hubby's 30th birthday. Next Tuesday is my birthday (NO, I'm NOT discussing my age ever again!)So we're throwing a little get together on Sunday with a murdery mystery party that I've actually worked really hard to rework since losing a few guests. I hope everyone enjoys themselves?

Ok...enough babble, back to work.

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