05 May 2008

We're the Knights of the Round Table, We Dance whenever we're able...

This weekend ended up being a very fun one!
Saturday the family & I ventured down to Long Grove, IL for their annual Chocolate Fest. The weather was cold, rainy & dreary...and still we had a lovely day! The town was cute, quaint, and old-fashioned. (VERY reminescent of Mackinac Island!) Lots of great shops, fun festivities, and best of all...a British shop where I purchases HP Sauce, Colemans, chip shop curry, meatpies (yes, we did sing selections from Sweeney Todd!), Ribena, Walnut Whips, Smarties, and best of all, my favourite candies in the entire world, Raisin & Biscuit Yorkies! I could have easily spent a fortune, but I was good. Hubby came home with a new hat from the Irish shop that matches the little Bugs. Very cute father & son ensembles! Kidlet was more than happy & satiated with chocolates from all over the world.

Sunday was spent with friends before we all headed off to see "SPAMALOT". Let me tell ya...over the top & silly & exactly what Monty Python on stage should be! I laughed almost until it hurt! See if while its on tour! You won't regret it!
My favourite song "I'm Not Dead Yet!"

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