17 April 2008

One Very Clever or Three Dull Things

I've been dreadfully slack in writing, mostly because I don't feel that my life has been particularly remarkable. True, we've spent the past few weekends down in Chicago, which have been lovely. We're now members of the Chicago Historical Museum, we've seen Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House, and ate at my favourite English pub. But all in all, life has been a series of day in, day out routine.

This weekend is hubby's birthday and I don't have anything good to give him. I'm hoping we can go out to dinner, perhaps. On Monday I face the birthday I've been dreading for a few years now. Let's just suffice to say it ends in zero. You can figure out the rest.

And so, for lack of anything better to say, here's a meme from Christine, whom I'm very excited to meet once she moves to Madison! Feel free to join in.

What I was doing 10 years ago: I remember it clearly, actually. I was turning another zero birthday & my dear friends had all chipped in to buy me a plane ticket back to England. Though I'm excited about my impending girl's weekend, I can't help but wish Europe was on the agenda instead.

Five things on my To Do list for today...1. I've done most of my work for the day, so what remains? Let's see... 2. pick up my son 3. buy birthday cards for hubby 4. put laundry away 5. make dinner. See, I told you life was dull.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Travel the world. Set up college funds for my kids. Buy new cars for each of us (preferably hybrids). Build a new house hubby would design. Visit my mom.

Some placesI have lived: 1. Flint, MI 2. London, England 3. Adrian, MI 4. Racine, WI

Jobs that I've had: 1. Renaissance Faire Director. 2. Marketing Assistant. 3. Radio DJ 4. Newspaper reporter 5. Stay at home mom

Five people I want to know more about: anyone who wishes to share!!


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