08 April 2008

Feelin' Like the Go-Gos

Sing along with me...."vacation, all I ever wanted, vacation had to get away..."

That's how I'm feeling right now because some great friends & I are planning our Girl's Weekend Getaway for next month and I can hardly wait!
It's been a roller coaster week attempting to get things organized, but now that it's coming together I can say I'm VERY excited about it! We're heading down to the Hocking Hills of Ohio for some beautifully peaceful views, hopefully some stunning treks to see the natural sights (like the waterfall you see here), some relaxing spa treatments, and lots of laughter!
I think that everyone should get away with their girl friends now and again and I haven't done it in years. This is also the "celebration" of my best friend & I turning 40 and we're getting away on Mother's Day weekend...it's all the makings of a GREAT time. (Keeping fingers crossed, the eternal pessimist in me always is nervous things won't play out as wonderfully as they do in my head.)


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Kassi said...

I'm so nervous. I have NEVER been away on a weekend like this without a husband or children in tow. But your enthusiasm is contagious, and even makes me believe that everything will work out great. Just say a few prayers!