14 May 2008

The Hill are Alive...

Last week I had my Girls' Getaway Weekend, and it was wonderful!! We all decided it needs to be an annual event!

On Thursday Paula & I headed out to Ohio to hook up with Kim, and from there ventured up to the greater Detroit area to dinner with Misty, Lil' Kate & Niff (as well as her hubby & darling kidlet) . It was a very nice evening catching up. (Tasty potato soup & salads too.) Niff & I have known each other for...ugh...22 years this fall, but haven't seen each other in almost 4. It was waaaay over due. (Thanks Poo!) Her daughter is simply delightful & smart. I wouldn't expect anything less!

Friday morning Kim, Paula & I dined on delicious Lebanese foods for lunch (and purchases more to take with us) before heading toward our destination, Hocking Hills. We stopped briefly at the shrine & basilica of Our Lady of Consolation in Carey, OH to light some prayer candles for my mom, our families, and our friend Anna (who had better be pregnant!!) My family always used to make the pilgrimage there every year when I was a kid, but we've never been back since my mother was diagnosed with MS, so it was my special Mother's Day gift to her to do so. Many, many people have been healed by going there, and I can only hope our prayers will do mom some good.

We arrived late to the cabin, which was very secluded & straight out of the EAU game we all used to play. (I expected all sorts of evil to be lurking in the woods, but alas no ghostly experiences for us occurred...despite rumour the basement is haunted.) We did our grocery shopping & settled in shortly before Kassi & Ginny's arrival. Kim, Kassi & I stayed up chatting until around 4am.
Saturday we breakfasted and headed out to Old Man's Cave. Let me tell you, Hocking Hills is nothing but crazy winding, hilly roads! It was too dangerous for us to drive fast, but boy it would have been fun!! Old Man's Cave had many waterfalls, caves, and lots of just amazingly beautiful natural stone carved out in the gorges. Photos can't do it justice. I wish we could have seen even more, but by the time we picnicked and did some souvenier shopping, it was getting late & we need to head back to the cabin. After a nice dinner and a quick dip in the hottub (mmmm) the "tinkers" arrived to give us our spa treatments.
Blue Valley Massage comes to your cabin, and it was well worth it! We had massages, hot chocolate mud wraps, facials & pedicures. Just wonderfully relaxing & wonderful...and I have fabulous bright orange toenails now! We had every intention of making a bonfire & hottub some more, but by the time they were finished with us, we were all so relaxed & lotioned up, we weren't willing to do it. Instead "27 Dresses" was popped into the DVD player, followed by "Juno"...and I fell asleep on the couch. Oh well.

Sunday we had just enough time for a light breakfast & hottubbing before it began to downpour, making it impossible to do any more sightseeing, sadly. So we headed out, had lunch in Columbus, before going our seperate ways. It was far too quick of a weekend, but it was VERY enjoyable & relaxing. We definately need to do it again next year, though.

When I got home my family greeted me with fresh cut tulips, Mother's Day cards, and a glass teapot with 12 more of the flowering teas. (I had gotten 12 for Christmas but didn't have a "proper" teapot for brewing them in.) It was perfect. I was able to spend a little time with my kids & hubby and I appreciated them all the more for having been away.

Yeah...it was good. Very good.

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